The Bridge Fitness

A functional fitness center that is focused on helping you close the bridge between you and your fitness goals. 

All are welcome, no matter your age or level of fitness! 

We are here for you!

Class Schedules

General Classes

5:30am - MON - FRI
6:45am - MON - FRI
12:00nn - MON - FRI
3:30pm - TUE/WED/THU (Open Gym)
4:45pm - MON - WED/FRI
6:00pm - MON - FRI
7:00am - SAT

Specialty Classes 

Barbell Club                                             Run Club
4:45pm THU                                            6:00am SAT
10:30am SAT

Kids Classes                                            Yoga

3:30pm - MON/FRI                                  8:15am SAT